Buns & Bomb Fashion!

Leahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ♥
I LOVE to laugh.
I'm told my personality is rare.
I'm skinny but I don't model.
I love LOVE.
New York! California! Fashion! Music! FOOD!


my period stay doing that surprise bitch I’m back shit..

Literally me right now 😩😑😔

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"You’ll never understand how it feels, tryna get through to a person who can’t feel what you feel."

Tink is AMAZING.

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The song that’ll be played at my wedding reception. 💞

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I was listening to with my ex. Belting every word to heavens above and he got pissed and turned on Yo Gotti. I knew at that moment that me an him would never be… Hence the word EX

Lmaooo 😭 that’s right girl!

this may be my wedding song

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